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LRQA Nettitude Bug Bounty Platform

Protect your systems from the latest cyber threats with our unique Bug Bounty platform.

About the Programme

LRQA Nettitude runs an expert team of full-time cybersecurity professionals that are background checked and security cleared. Our specialists also abide by a strict professional code of conduct so that you can feel secure using our services.

We offer flexible Bug Bounty programmes in Hong Kong based on your organisation’s security goals. Our platform offers real-time access to our team of world-class security professionals.

How The LRQA Nettitude Bug Bounty Platform Works

Bug Bounties and Penetration Tests are typically used together to maximise security posture. Here’s how it’s done.

Understanding Your Objectives

Our team will discuss your security objectives, after which they will tailor a threat-led Bug Bounty programme to address those objectives. This strong foundation ensures maximum return on your Bug Bounty programme.

High Quality Testing by Security Cleared Experts

The security testing is completed by our large team of regularly background-checked professionals, while the programme is managed by an experienced Bug Bounty Programme manager. These two entities work together to ensure that every finding is rigorously quality controlled, objectively measured, and promptly published.

Get Notified Your Way

You’ll have access to our customised notification controls. Do you want an SMS and email alert if we find a critical vulnerability at 3 am? We can do that. Alternatively, you may decide that a non-critical vulnerability can wait until business hours and receive the alert by email. These flexible options allow you to view your results at an optimal time.

A Dedicated Platform

Of course, we won’t throw vulnerabilities at you and hope for the best. We regularly interact with our clients via our Bug Bounty platform. We’ll work with you until you’ve developed an effective remediation plan. Once you’ve actioned this plan, we’ll thoroughly retest it and confirm that your fix was successful. If we find a vulnerability in vendor-supplied software, our disclosure team will ensure the vendor promptly issues a patch. All this we offer free of charge.

Executive Debriefing

Finally, we provide an executive reporting and debrief service, provided by a Senior Security Tester. This typically occurs at the end of your Bug Bounty programme or periodically; whichever is most convenient for your organisation. We encourage all organisations to take cybersecurity seriously but understand that conveying technical vulnerabilities to a lay audience is challenging. That’s why our teams offer their knowledge and experience to your executive team in a clear and personalised manner.

Your Results

The vulnerabilities we identify in your systems are reported on through our always-on Bug Bounty platform.

We offer rigorous vulnerability verification and quality assurance before release. You can expect each vulnerability to be reported and handled as follows:

  • Each vulnerability is rated according to its CVSSv3 score. We provide the vector string so you can see exactly how we arrived at a given score.
  • We provide an impact statement, a walkthrough of exploitation, screenshots, reproduction instructions, and remediation guidance.
  • You can view vulnerability details on our platform with the option to export as CSV or PDF.
  • Ask unlimited questions about each vulnerability and its remediation. We provide full support throughout each vulnerability’s lifecycle.
  • Get unlimited retesting of each identified vulnerability for the maximum assurance that each has been thoroughly remediated.
  • You can access vulnerability statistics over time.

Why LRQA Nettitude

With LRQA Nettitude’s Bug Bounty platform, you can expect:

  • Access to a qualified team of security cleared cybersecurity professionals.
  • Vulnerability findings that no other programme will reveal.
  • Access to the same risk management controls we’ve developed over 20 years of offensive security engagements.
  • The ability to cover systems traditional Bug Bounty programmes can’t, e.g. internal systems.
  • Real time and interactive access to our team and vulnerability findings via our online Bug Bounty platform.
  • Platform integration with third-party tools such as Jira and ServiceNow.
  • Executive reporting via reports and periodic debriefs.
  • Expert programme managers, all of whom have years of full-time security experience.
  • Well curated and high-quality findings. No being overwhelmed with false positives here!
  • A low management fee. Our focus is on quality output.
  • Free assistance with vendor vulnerability disclosure using our experienced advisory team.
  • Free retesting of findings. We will support you with our expert knowledge and keep retesting until the vulnerability is resolved.

Our Qualifications

As global cybersecurity leaders, we have the privilege of engaging with key organisations around the globe including those in Hong Kong. We understand their priorities and objectives and aim to build trust in our initial interactions with any organisation.

We encourage our team of cybersecurity professionals to continue developing their technical skills and to stay up to date on emerging cyber trends. Consequently, at LRQA Nettitude we invest in research and innovation initiatives. Vulnerability research and offensive security software development is part of our DNA. We share our findings through conferences, training and webinars, research reports, and whitepapers.

We are trusted to conduct Penetration Testing against government systems, critical national infrastructure, core global financial systems, and more. LRQA Nettitude is renowned for conducting months-long simulated attacks against central banks around the world and we bring that skill and attention to detail to our Bug Bounty platform.

To find out more about the LRQA Nettitude Bug Bounty platform, please contact us to arrange a demo.


Frequently Asked Questions About the LRQA Nettitude Bug Bounty Programme

What is a bug bounty?

Bug bounties and penetration tests can work in tandem to protect you from prospective cyberattackers. A bug bounty is typically a reward offered to someone who identifies an error or vulnerability in your system. Rather than opening your system to ‘hunters’ with no experience of your system, the LRQA Nettitude bug bounty programme facilitates interactions between your organisation and our security vetted cybersecurity experts.

Why use bug bounty testing?

A bug bounty test done through the LRQA Nettitude bug bounty programme allows you to access vulnerabilities in real-time, before your next penetration test. Since this type of testing focuses on depth over breadth, you can discover deeply buried bugs that other tests would overlook. Through our programme, you are connected with a wide range of cybersecurity experts who can offer a fresh approach to your system’s security. This approach lets you control the scope and testing budget directly as you only pay for the vulnerabilities our experts discover.

How can I protect my organisation from data breaches?

It can be devastating for an organisation to experience a data breach. Not only is your data compromised, but your reputation is threatened. LRQA Nettitude advises incorporating some basic security measures in your workplace to limit your exposure to threat actors. Setting up strong passwords, using an effective authentication configuration, and training your staff to report suspicious behaviour can have a huge impact on the security of your data.

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