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Here at Nettitude, we know choosing a Security and Network Technology vendor is just another piece of the jigsaw when it comes to your cybersecurity strategy. Alongside our consultancy, Information Security, Advisory Services and Security Operations Centre, we are constantly reviewing the vendor market to ensure we bring the latest, best of breed, technology options to our customers.

How Do Nettitude Work With Expert Security Partners?

Through listening to our customers’ requirements and experiences, keeping on top of the ever-changing threat landscape, and our own in-house through leadership and expertise, Nettitude carefully select security & network vendor partners to work with.

We have our strategic partners, who we have developed manged and professional service engagements with. These partners have normally been identified by our in-house experts, to enable Nettitude to address evolving threats as they emerge. With the guidance of our Consultancy Services experts and the technical wizzes in our Security and Network operations centres, we review our strategic partner strategy, ensuring our customers stay ahead of the threat actors on an annual basis.

We have strong relationships with other vendor partners, in which we recognise the place these vendors hold in the security market and the benefit they bring to our customer cybersecurity strategy. Nettitude never opt for a one size fits all option, and as a result we work with multiple vendors so that we can tailor the solution to meets a customer’s specific requirements.

Nettitude’s Strategic Partners

Strong Relationships

Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Cybersecurity

What does penetration testing involve?

In penetration testing for healthcare organisations, our experts simulate a hacking environment to identify any vulnerabilities within your system. Ethical hackers will penetrate the healthcare system like a threat actor would, but leave your data intact. They will create a report of these vulnerabilities and offer advice on how to eliminate them so your data remains secure. 

How do you create an effective cybersecurity strategy for a healthcare organisation?

To create an effective healthcare cybersecurity framework, Nettitude recommends first identifying what your aims are and what you are trying to protect. This will determine your strategy. Then, you can decide on a framework from three broad types: control, programme, and risk frameworks. From here you can define your risk assessment goals and implement security controls. Our experts at Nettitude can assist you with this process. 

What is the biggest risk in healthcare cybersecurity?

One of the biggest risks in healthcare cybersecurity is Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The internet-connected implements are vital to many hospital and healthcare functions, so much so that they have their own term: Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). These often centralise data collections for easy access, so when these are hacked, it can be very damaging. You can increase your IoMT security by educating your staff, monitoring the network, using VLANs, and devices that meet certified IoT standards. 

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