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LRQA Nettitude has a wealth of experience in all areas of cybersecurity. With a large team of specialist security consultants, LRQA Nettitude can design and deliver custom cybersecurity training courses to meet your organisation’s needs. Common cybersecurity training topics include:

  • Red team training
  • Blue team training
  • Secure development training
  • User awareness training
  • In-house security capability training
  • Threat Intelligence (TI)

There is no limit to the areas of cybersecurity training that LRQA Nettitude can deliver. LRQA Nettitude offers practical and engaging security courses to a variety of audiences from management to undermen. Our course is designed with varying degrees of experience in mind so that you can receive the most effective and efficient training in the business.

Creating a Custom Cybersecurity Training Programme

Every organisation has different requirements to fulfil; a cookie-cutter approach will not work when it comes to cybersecurity. When developing your custom cybersecurity programme, the first step is speaking to a security expert at LRQA Nettitude. Our experts will identify all objectives – both explicit and implicit – and provide a proposal that accounts for these. Often, LRQA Nettitude delivers the course(s) directly, but ‘training the trainers’ is encouraged for organisations wishing to build an in-house training capability.

Delivering Effective Cybersecurity Training

LRQA Nettitude understands that effective training only happens when delegates are fully engaged and challenged. All our training contains practical exercises to ensure that your team can integrate what they’ve learned into the workplace. Training is delivered in a modular fashion so that each subject can be explored in-depth.

To adapt to a new way of working, LRQA Nettitude has developed an efficient system for delivering remote training courses. This training is delivered by webinar and will include downloadable standard training courses material.

Our Training Team

Our team is made up of an array of security consultants. Only those with relevant skills and experience are selected to help your organisation achieve its objectives. We have specialists in fields such as secure development, offensive security skills, threat identification techniques, and more. Each of our specialists has worked in their field at a high level so can educate your team on real-world skills and technologies.

LRQA Nettitude’s custom training is typically delivered by two consultants to ensure consistent levels of energy are met and that each delegate receives appropriate levels of attention.

A Flexible Training Schedule

Custom training is just that – custom. There is no upper or lower limit to the amount of time a course will take. LRQA Nettitude will make recommendations on length based on the organisation’s objectives, but you can decide on a time frame that suits your team. Typical courses last between two and three days.

Available Subjects

LRQA Nettitude will only deliver courses in subject areas that they consider themselves to have excellence in. Within the area of cybersecurity, this includes a large array of subjects. If you are interested in understanding which areas LRQA Nettitude can help deliver top tier training for, please contact us today

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Cybersecurity Training in Hong Kong

Why is custom training necessary?

A customised cybersecurity training course allows your team to professionally develop in ways that are meaningful for your organisation. If your team are specialists in an area, a custom course means you won’t waste time and resources reiterating what your team already understands. By continuing to train your staff, you equip them with the tools to navigate the ever-changing cyber threat landscape and protect your organisation.

Why train with LRQA Nettitude?

LRQA Nettitude has been working in cybersecurity since 2003. The cyber threat landscape has altered massively since then as new technologies and techniques continue to emerge. To continue to provide high-quality services in penetration testing, red teaming, threat intelligence, and more, our experts need to stay up to date on all cyber developments. Our team is the first to know about and respond to these developments in highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare. That’s why our team is the best to educate your organisation on emerging trends and technologies. Get in touch to learn more about our cybersecurity training courses and certifications.

Who is this training for?

We design our customised cybersecurity training course for managers and undermen alike. We believe that education is the key to excellence and that all levels of management should be aware of emerging cyber trends. This allows managers to work more effectively with their teams to protect their organisations from emerging cyber threats.

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Privacy Security

What is an incident response policy?

An Incident response plan or policy is a process you create before you experience a cyberattack. This is so that your team has a procedure to follow when you do experience a data breach. LRQA Nettitude follows the CREST Cybersecurity Incident Response process which is broken down into 3 phases: preparation, response, and follow up. Having a breach plan gives you the confidence to quickly nullify any threat to your data privacy security.

Why is data privacy security important?

Although it has always been important, the implications and need for higher security are coming into play now that technology is indispensable to everyday life. Using apps, browsing websites, and shopping online are all examples of how your data will be stored and managed online. For organisations today, the threat of cyber theft is a pertinent one. Having comprehensive data privacy plans in place can reduce and mitigate the risks of such events.

Does LRQA Nettitude practice sustainability?

As a company with a global footprint, sustainability is an area of importance to us. We are a registered ‘Investor in People’ organisation. Taking a cue from ISO 14001, we have strong sustainability practices put in place. Our organisation also hires fairly and equally, across gender and race. By working with us, you can rest assured that we implement data privacy security measures with ethics at the core of our mission.

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