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Organisations that collect, process, analyse or share personal data face significant data privacy challenges. Ensure that your data is protected with the help of LRQA Nettitude.

What Are Data Privacy Risks?

Every day, millions of records from companies are compromised through successful cyber attacks. Client information, personal data, and business records can easily fall into the hands of cybercriminals if you do not take measures to protect your data.

By creating a data privacy security plan, you can assure your team and clients that the information they entrust you with is safe. LRQA Nettitude can help provide data privacy certification for your company to ensure that you are aligned with the global data privacy laws and regulations (GDPR). This assures your clients, mitigates the business risk, and develops your reputation as a company that cares about data security.

How to Protect Your Business

There are a few preventative measures that LRQA Nettitude recommends to protect organisations from prospective cyber attacks. These can, alongside professional advice, help mitigate the risk of a privacy breach. 

Take Data Security Seriously

The number 1 piece of advice we give to clients is to take data security seriously. If security is not a priority, your attackers will be the first to realise this vulnerability. It’s good practice to act with the assumption that a data breach is inevitable and to prepare yourself accordingly. You can prepare by setting up defensive perimeters and creating an incident response policy. 

Create an Incident Response Policy Document

It is vital that your company have an incident response policy that your staff are aware of. This essentially involves planning for the eventuality of a data security threat so that when it comes, your team is trained and equipped to deal with it. Having an incident response policy can help you feel more secure in quickly eliminating threats to your data

Educate Your Staff

Many data breaches are the result of phishing incidents and ineffective passwords. By educating your team in these areas, you can diminish the risk of a worker accidentally enabling a data breach. You should train end-users to identify and report suspicious behaviour. This small step can have a huge impact on your data privacy security. 


When It Comes To Data Privacy, LRQA Nettitude Can Help Organisations By:

  • Constructing programs to protect your brand image, reputation, and client trust.
  • Creating guidance documentation, including privacy policies and privacy operating procedures.
  • Assisting with the compliance of local, national, and global privacy regulations and requirements.
  • Transferring the relevant data via detailed, comprehensible data flow diagrams.

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Privacy Security

What is an incident response policy?

An Incident response plan or policy is a process you create before you experience a cyberattack. This is so that your team has a procedure to follow when you do experience a data breach. LRQA Nettitude follows the CREST Cybersecurity Incident Response process which is broken down into 3 phases: preparation, response, and follow up. Having a breach plan gives you the confidence to quickly nullify any threat to your data privacy security.

Why is data privacy security important?

Although it has always been important, the implications and need for higher security are coming into play now that technology is indispensable to everyday life. Using apps, browsing websites, and shopping online are all examples of how your data will be stored and managed online. For organisations today, the threat of cyber theft is a pertinent one. Having comprehensive data privacy plans in place can reduce and mitigate the risks of such events.

Does LRQA Nettitude practice sustainability?

As a company with a global footprint, sustainability is an area of importance to us. We are a registered ‘Investor in People’ organisation. Taking a cue from ISO 14001, we have strong sustainability practices put in place. Our organisation also hires fairly and equally, across gender and race. By working with us, you can rest assured that we implement data privacy security measures with ethics at the core of our mission.

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