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 Vulnerability Assessment Service

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving as threat actors employ novel techniques when attempting to penetrate your defences. To remain secure, organisations must adapt to these and continuously re-examine and access their cyber defence system for vulnerabilities.

Why use a Vulnerability Monitoring Service

Enterprises like yours are moving towards sophisticated cybersecurity systems to protect themselves from prospective threat actors. These systems are most effective when tested against current threat trends and remediated accordingly. Vulnerability monitoring can help your organisation ascertain whether your management activities are aligned with industry best practices and ensure your system is keeping up with recent patches.

Our assessment service can help achieve and maintain compliance with a wide range of cybersecurity regulations in Hong Kong such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001. It will also reveal any installed certificates and their expiration date so you can remain up to date with renewals.

A vulnerability assessment will identify at-risk assets, inform further security investments, validate existing security controls, and provide strategic advice for remediation. This service is essential to ensure your cybersecurity system is functioning effectively and efficiently.

Our Team

The LRQA Nettitude vulnerability analysis team is made up of experienced cyber professionals who thoroughly understand fuzzing, reverse engineering, and cryptography. Our team has also been assigned many unique CVE numbers for their work.

At LRQA Nettitude, we value excellence and education in the cybersecurity industry. That’s why we actively encourage our specialists to pursue further qualifications and stay up to date on technological and methodological developments in the IT industry.

No matter your security needs, our team is equipped to ensure your system is impervious to cyberattacks by providing impactful vulnerability assessments and monitoring services

Vulnerability Assessments for your Organisation

LRQA Nettitude boasts a large team of vulnerability researchers who work to identify vulnerabilities in software and hardware devices. We regularly identify potential breach points in apps, IoT technologies, and embedded devices.

Our vulnerability monitoring team can examine various areas for weaknesses; web applications, mobile applications, embedded technology and IoT, connected vehicles, ICS and SCADA environments, personal security products, and cryptocurrencies are all areas our vulnerability research experts have examined.

The Assessment and Reporting Process

Our team will approach your vulnerability analysis from a white box perspective. Our research team will provide a detailed report on monitoring and debugging, cryptography, hardware teardown, web applications, and mobile applications. We offer two reports; a management report which provides a debrief of the assessment alongside best practice recommendations, and a technical report which details full vulnerability disclosure, debriefs, and recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vulnerability Assessments

How will my assessor inform me of any vulnerabilities they find?

After our assessors discover vulnerabilities using various penetration testing methods they will create and deploy an exploit code. This will demonstrate the vulnerabilities and their potential impact on your organisation. You will also be provided with two assessment reports outlining any found vulnerabilities. The management report will offer a debrief and recommendations, and the technical report will explore these in further depth so you can limit your threat exposure.

What are LRQA Nettitude’s qualifications?

LRQA Nettitude is an accredited CBEST and STAR testing provider. Alongside this, we are certified against ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards. Our professional accreditations are numerous across many highly regulated industries. We work with financial, healthcare and other various organisations in Hong Kong to ensure that their data is protected from threat actors. You can feel secure with LRQA Nettitude’s testing services. Get in touch for a vulnerability assessment today.

What Values does LRQA Nettitude Operate with?

We have a customer-first attitude at LRQA Nettitude. Our goal is to develop strong relationships with our clientele so that you can be assured of the quality of our services. Providing a service that not only accounts for our client’s needs but goes the extra mile is something we are proud to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Privacy Security

What is an incident response policy?

An Incident response plan or policy is a process you create before you experience a cyberattack. This is so that your team has a procedure to follow when you do experience a data breach. LRQA Nettitude follows the CREST Cybersecurity Incident Response process which is broken down into 3 phases: preparation, response, and follow up. Having a breach plan gives you the confidence to quickly nullify any threat to your data privacy security.

Why is data privacy security important?

Although it has always been important, the implications and need for higher security are coming into play now that technology is indispensable to everyday life. Using apps, browsing websites, and shopping online are all examples of how your data will be stored and managed online. For organisations today, the threat of cyber theft is a pertinent one. Having comprehensive data privacy plans in place can reduce and mitigate the risks of such events.

Does LRQA Nettitude practice sustainability?

As a company with a global footprint, sustainability is an area of importance to us. We are a registered ‘Investor in People’ organisation. Taking a cue from ISO 14001, we have strong sustainability practices put in place. Our organisation also hires fairly and equally, across gender and race. By working with us, you can rest assured that we implement data privacy security measures with ethics at the core of our mission.

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