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Would you know if your IT system had been compromised? Nettitude’s Compromise Assessment service understands that 100% detection of threats is never guaranteed, so it’s vital to spot a malicious intrusion as quickly as possible. Through our Compromise Assessments, we analyse your organisation for signs of malicious activity and provide assurance you have not become a victim.

Are attackers embedded in your network today? Undergoing an M&A and looking for assurance?

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly challenging to block and detect quickly; with highly-motivated, well-funded attackers looking to exploit organisations seemingly at random. With the evolution of attacks such as cryptojacking – not all attacks are immediately evident either. Attackers can lie in wait for hours, weeks or even months before carrying out their attack. Using the vast knowledge from our award winning Red Team, Nettitude’s Compromise Assessments are designed to identify known attack techniques using the latest technology to provide the highest possible assurance.


Why Consider a Cyber Compromise Assessment?

A Compromise Assessment is a deep dive technical analysis of the organisation’s IT estate in order to answer the simple question: Are you compromised?

Using our expert knowledge of attacker Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s) a Nettitude Compromise Assessment will assess your environment through the eyes of an attacker to look for known signs of malicious activity, providing essential assurance you have not been compromised. In the event there is evidence of a compromise, Nettitude will work with your Incident Response team to assist in the response effort – providing access to all relevant data and intelligence, whilst being on hand to advise on containment and eradication strategies. Reducing the impact and risk to the organisation whilst protecting your organisation.

In our experience the lack of sufficient logging and understanding of attacker techniques reduces the ability to conclusively determine if they have been compromised – so why not let the experts provide the assurance for you?

Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Cybersecurity

What does penetration testing involve?

In penetration testing for healthcare organisations, our experts simulate a hacking environment to identify any vulnerabilities within your system. Ethical hackers will penetrate the healthcare system like a threat actor would, but leave your data intact. They will create a report of these vulnerabilities and offer advice on how to eliminate them so your data remains secure. 

How do you create an effective cybersecurity strategy for a healthcare organisation?

To create an effective healthcare cybersecurity framework, Nettitude recommends first identifying what your aims are and what you are trying to protect. This will determine your strategy. Then, you can decide on a framework from three broad types: control, programme, and risk frameworks. From here you can define your risk assessment goals and implement security controls. Our experts at Nettitude can assist you with this process. 

What is the biggest risk in healthcare cybersecurity?

One of the biggest risks in healthcare cybersecurity is Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The internet-connected implements are vital to many hospital and healthcare functions, so much so that they have their own term: Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). These often centralise data collections for easy access, so when these are hacked, it can be very damaging. You can increase your IoMT security by educating your staff, monitoring the network, using VLANs, and devices that meet certified IoT standards. 

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