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Visibility and response for invisible threats

Nettitude’s Managed Security Services cover the specific and unique cybersecurity vulnerabilities your organisation is exposed to. Automated Detection and Response, combined with proactive Vulnerability Scanning and expert Incident Response, brings you the visibility and protection you need to rest easy.

Working With Nettitude As Your Managed Security Provider

The demand for cybersecurity skills and talents have only continued to rise in the past decade. Technology is advancing rapidly and so is the sophistication of attackers, leaving organisations scrambling for quick fixes that do not work.

Nettitude’s Managed Security Services retains trained security staff and industry-leading technologies that can fit any organisation’s budget, size, and compliance needs. Whether you want to entrust all your security or parts of your security to supplement your organisation’s existing programme; Nettitude’s Managed Security Services has the right plan for you.

SOC Monitor

Take advantage of the Nettitude Security Operations Centre (SOC) Service offerings that are built around advanced detection and response tooling supported by automation and orchestration capabilities. These are combined with our expert award winning SOC Operations team who have the right tools to protect your environment, no matter where it is.

Nettitude’s SOC Monitor provides you with coverage where you need it most.

Managed Services include:


  • 24/7 x 365 expert analysts
  • Choose one or all of our managed Service components that allows you to tailor the security service based on the security requirements of your environment and business:
  • SIEM: Log ingestion, event correlation and alerting
  • EDR: Next-generation endpoint detection and response
  • EPP: Endpoint protection platform, Next generation and market leading protection
  • Cloud Protection: Centralised monitoring for AWS, G-Suite, Azure, and all cloud platforms
  • Deception Technology: Advanced adversary detection across enterprise environments using deception technology

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Environments are always changing, and new vulnerabilities are continuously being discovered. Nettitude’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning service gives you the visibility you need; covering all your assets and enabling you to understand where your risks and vulnerabilities lie and which to tackle first.

The managed security service includes:

  • Multiple Deployment Models to suit any environment
  • Get set up in days to start securing your environment
  • Unlimited Scan Frequency
  • Customer Realtime Dashboards
  • Regular, actionable Monthly or Quarterly reports
  • Experts on hand and fully managed support

Incident Response

Whether you need guidance to prepare your organisation for the inevitable or whether you want the assurance of experts on the sidelines to support your business in an emergency, the Nettitude Computer Emergency Response Team (NCERT) is here to help.

We can help with the following:

  • Managed Incident Response Services
  • Proactive, preparatory, and advisory services
  • Experienced certified Incident Managers and Responders

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