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Ready for the inevitable? Be prepared with managed incident response.

Nettitude provides an effective Incident Response (IR) Retainer, using leading industry Technology and Certified experts to report and remediate your incident-at-hand.

The cost of an average data breach is $3.86 million, while the average resolution time is 280 days. Our managed incident response team can help to reduce the impact of a cyber-breach by immediately sending triage to your organisation.

As cyber-threats continue to evolve at pace around the world, the likes of ransomware, malware and insider threats pose a serious threat to organisations; sometimes going undetected for a while. Once a breach is identified, time is of the essence and having experts on hand to control the damage is vital to getting your systems back on the road to recovery.

Considerations To Make When Getting An IR Retainer

Why is this important?
Nettitude’s IR Retainer allows you to select the service level agreement most appropriate for your organisation and budget.
Unused Hours
Because we’re flexible, you can utilise unused IR hours on a range of alternative activities that aid and mature your IR response.

• Threat Hunting & Compromise assessments
• Digital Attack Surface Assessment
• Ransomware preparation assessments
• Malware Analysis
• Tabletop & Playbook reviews
• IR Policy review & preparation
• IR responder training

IR Preparation
Is your business ready for an IR retainer? We’re transparent and will ensure we keep you informed during the IR onboarding process of the key activities to complete

What Are The Benefits Of An IR Retainer?

Nettitude’s experienced Computer Emergency Response Team (NCERT) are committed to helping you at all stages of the cyber Incident Response lifecycle from preparation, eradication, remediation and lessons learnt. We provide a full range tactical and strategic solutions tailored to your environment and organisational needs ensuring a robust security posture when you need it the most.

Benefits our clients reap from a Managed Incident Response Retainer include:

• Having certified experts on hand 24/7 as part of your team to support your business response to a cyber attack
• Dramatically reduce the time, and therefore the costs, of resolving incidents
• Maintain productivity whilst specialist staff resolve incidents
• Expeditious containment of the incidents will prevent spread, and thus cost, of incident
• Early resolution of incidents prevents further losses of data from a compromised system
• Your organisation is more likely to qualify for broad cyber insurance coverage at a reasonable premium
• Conform to industry best practice and emerging legal requirements

What Services Are Included?

Nettitude’s NCERT can work with you regardless of your budget, environment, or organisation size to ensure you get the right care you need.
• Nettitude guided and assisted onboarding
• IR Policy review
• IR Tabletop exercise
• Reactive 24/7 NCERT response
• Flexible Pro-active options on unutilized hours
• Threat hunting, Attack assessments, table top exercises and more

Why Choose Us?

• Global team of experienced Incident Responders
• We are able to provide a rapid response when you need it most
• We provide flexible service consumptions models
• We don’t just cover reactive response, we help you prepare for when an incident strikes.
• Our IR Retainer can be combined with Nettitude Managed SOC services.
• We are partnered with industry-leading vendors to minimize damage and speed up investigation and recovery.

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