Cybersecurity needs the right tool

Your threat landscape is as
unique as your business.
So are the right countermeasure
strategies and solutions.

We’re afraid that this time, it is rocket science

With new threats emerging every day,
staying ahead while protecting
yourself against infinity can seem
impossible. We help you focus on
your unique threat landscape so you
can move forward with confidence.

Some solutions just don’t add up.

Your cybersecurity should work
hand in glove with your technology
and operational realities.
Don’t settle for best practice salad.
Prioritise and adapt your strategy
to your business.


Its not enough to be alerted when your
business’ infrastructure is threatened. You
need a resolution, and fast.

Don’t play threat bingo. Focus on your true threat landscape.

There are many different cyberthreats
out there, but how do you know which
could really impact your business?
We help you cut through the noise.

Don't spend money on the big picture, if you can't zoom in on the details.

You need to know what’s happening in your

network, including where your vulnerabilities are.

We help you get into the detail, whilst always

keeping the full picture in mind.

Cybersecurity isn’t one size fits all

Your threat landscape is as
unique as your business.
Generic solutions rarely make
effective countermeasure strategies.

Not all answers are created equal.

You may have the right questions, but

that’s only half the journey. We get as

close as possible to your operational realities.

Focusing on your unique threat landscape,

we allow you to move forward with confidence.

Save the cookie cutter approach for cookies

Your threat landscape is unique.
Your cyber security should be too.

Your threat landscape is as unique as your business!

How can you prepare against the unknown? With new threats emerging every day, staying ahead while protecting yourself against infinity can seem impossible. The solution lies in prioritisation.
That’s where we come in. We focus on the threat landscape unique to your business and tailor our cybersecurity services to your priorities. It’s an approach that allows you to move forward with confidence, with solutions that manage risk effectively and work in real-life situations.

Our Cybersecurity Services


Nettitude’s security testers hold the highest technical qualifications available to provide real world, human led testing services. These services include penetration testing from the advanced techniques of CBEST & Simulated Targeted Attack and Response (STAR), through to the broader assurances of Cyber Essentials, social engineering, red teaming exercises, and vulnerability assessments.

Security risk & consulting

Nettitude’s information security consulting provides strategic guidance around compliance, social engineering and training for employees. Our consultants are experienced in taking regulatory and compliance frameworks, and adapting them to meet the needs of an organisation, according to their industry, size or geographic reach, providing pragmatic and tailored guidance that is measurable and actionable at every phase.

Managed security

Looking for 24×7 managed security services? Through Nettitude’s dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) and through our Cyber Incident Response Team (N-CIRT) we are able to provide round the clock, managed detection and response services to our clients. Nettitude’s managed security services deliver a much stronger return on investment when compared with traditional in-house solutions.

Response (IR)

Understanding how to respond to a cyber incident is paramount to an organisation’s recovery to a security breach. Knowing what data assets have been affected, and what controls are needed to recover needs a plan. Are you ready?


Nettitude blog

Is third-party expertise in security risk management necessary?

According to one survey, 95% of organisations outsource part or all of their security operations centre, and that includes incident management. Is leveraging third-party expertise the most effective way to obtain security incident management services? 

Zero day impacts: how marine and offshore organisations should prepare for unknown vulnerabilities

Issues or vulnerabilities that exist within the IT/OT systems of ships and offshore assets that have not yet been acknowledged, found or known about by anyone else are called ‘zero days’. If these issues are found, they can be reported, however marine and offshore vendors are not as familiar with what to do with this information or how to get them fixed in a timely manner when compared to vendors in other industries.

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