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Technology on Demand – Network as a Service

LRQA Nettitude’s Technology on-demand service is designed to simplify technology consumption by transitioning you to seamless and on-going subscription-based terms.

The on-demand economy is replacing traditional business models rapidly. Cybersecurity technology is no exception to this and the new consumption model has already changed the way businesses perceive demand, provision the supply, and deliver.

What Are The Benefits Of A Technology On Demand Subscription?

With the rise and advance of technology, businesses want to simplify technology consumption and are looking at the network-as-a-service model. The main benefits of the model include: 

  • Having predictable costs, with no CAPEX and no finance
  • Getting rid of the ageing technology burden
  • Being able to refresh to the latest technology without capex investment
  • Not having to deal with the skill/knowledge gap created by the complex emerging technology
  • Reducing the risk by outsourcing the patching and management of your security devices

What Is The Solution?

CAPEX transformed to ‘pay-as-you-go’ on-demand with regular monthly or quarterly payments.

Experience the new reality of the everything-as-a-service world. Changes we’re currently seeing that are facilitating a subscription-based offering include:

  • Hardware is becoming virtualised
  • Traditional infrastructure is migrating to the cloud
  • Software and apps are increasingly consumed ‘as-a-service’
  • Complex emerging tech is creating a skill/knowledge gap

Convenience come as the first benefit of the on-demand economy, but it should not be restricted to service only. Convenience can embrace the technology consumption as well.

Software and apps are increasingly consumed ‘as-a-service’ and this, in turn, is increasing the desire for subscription-based consumption. How does this transfer to the procurement of technology, not only software and cloud-based services but hardware as well?

Here at LRQA Nettitude we can support you consuming technology in new ways to allow you cost-savings and business agility. We can help you transforming your CAPEX for technology provision to ‘pay-as-you-go’, on-demand, with regular monthly or quarterly payments.

How Will Technology On Demand Work?

LRQA Nettitude’s Technology on Demand service is designed to simplify your technology consumption and drive growth by fast forwarding your evolution to the subscription economy. With the LRQA Nettitude Technology on Demand service, the procurement of technology will be scoped and priced in the traditional way, but the actual costs will be charged via monthly, quarterly or annual billing with no Capital expenditure.

The management of quotes and bills will be via your own login to an online portal, to allow you autonomy and transparency for a fully digital customer experience.

Currently using this network-as-a-service model, our customers can purchase:

  • Palo Alto
  • Fortinet
  • LRQA Nettitude NOC Manage support or management

Why LRQA Nettitude

Simplify how you consume technology so you can focus on your business objectives.

All installation and configuration work will be done by highly skilled consultants and engineers, who carry all the relevant certifications from the vendors. LRQA Nettitude have over a decade of experience and this is reflected in every project we work on.

LRQA Nettitude don’t simply sell you the equipment and leave you to it; we ensure your business recognises the full business and security value from your investment, whilst maintaining security best practice. Couple this with the subscription based procurement model and both your operational and business needs will be met.

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