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Nettitude has been delivering services in cybersecurity and Managed Security Services (MSS) globally since 2003. We provide both proactive and reactive services through our team of highly skilled consultants and our advanced Managed SOC Services.

  • Global security & network operations
  • 24×7 logging, collection & support available
  • Industry reports from our research & innovation team

We hold some of the highest technical standards available. Our research and development teams create custom tooling, and services in cutting edge areas such as malware analysis, cyber Threat Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT).

Are You Looking For Managed Services?

We deliver comprehensive managed and bespoke network and security technology services to our customers. As a cyber consultancy, we have in-depth complementary services from across the business that all contribute to our MSS through our SOC and Incident Response (IR) operations. These services enable us to understand the sharp end of both defensive and offensive security.    

How Are Our Managed Services Delivered?

SOC Monitor

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services – collecting, investigating and triaging log data, generating alerts and proposing a response

SOC Manage

Managing security technology products effectively (For example, firewalls, IPS/IDS, 2 factor, endpoint detection and response products, SIEM tools, etc.)

SOC Scanning

Ongoing scanning services searching for weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your systems, networked devices and applications

Incident Response

A dedicated team of deep-dive experts immediately at hand to help with identified / suspected breaches, and provide effective management.

Why Nettitude

Having experts on hand, who can help you from a security defense, incident detection, and response perspective is vital in the current world of cyber risks and threat actors. Our Managed Security Services (MSS) fall under these three areas and deliver a comprehensive set of services and solutions through the Security Operations Centre (SOC), SOC Managed Services, and our dedicated Incident Response services.

We are not tied into specific technologies or products, although we have deployed the best of the breed into our core management platforms. We have designed the service to work with whatever environment your organization has and operates. Our core skills in simulating advanced cyber-attacks, research and vulnerability discovery and securing environments for regulatory standards, gives us a breadth and depth to our managed security that rivals the best.

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