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Develop a Cybersecurity Programme

Ensures your cyber strategy is equipped against evolving cyber threats

How do I prevent, withstand and recover from cyber incidents?

When it comes to cyber resilience, having a solid plan is key. This means not only having technical safeguards, such as firewalls and antivirus software but also regularly evaluating and updating your policies and procedures to ensure continual improvement and governance.

Implementing a cybersecurity programme to mitigate risk

A programme of this magnitude is highly complex and requires an organizational-wide effort to realise.

It is also important to have a disaster recovery plan in place to respond to any unforeseen cyber incidents quickly and effectively. This includes determining the appropriate steps to take and assigning clear roles and responsibilities to the response team.

By implementing these measures, your organization can improve its overall cyber resilience and minimise potential disruptions to business operations.

Package Approach

This package has three core phases and is a guided journey supported by focusing on technology, staff, and people.

Assess & Analyse
Discovery and assessment of your cyber posture, risks, and governance. Followed by analysing your strengths, weaknesses, and future desired state.

Provides expert capability and guidance in the development of a cybersecurity programme incorporating plans, roadmaps, and objectives aligned to assessments and improvements needed.

Monitoring & Optimise
Provision of services that support detection, protection, and response capability. End-user awareness training programs combined with technology-based simulation tests ensure a continually improving approach to maturity.

Develop a Cybersecurity Programme

Choose our Develop a Cybersecurity Programme package

This package allows you to understand your current position and build a journey to increasing your cyber maturity posture organization wide.

Select the package below.

Baseline Package

• CISO Services

A LRQA Nettitude security expert who can provide strategic and tactical guidance to your organisation and help develop and execute a security program to ensure your organisation’s information and technologies are protected from all cyber threats.

LRQA Nettitude’s CISO services help drive your organisation’s vision, strategy, and implementation to ensure you meet your information security objectives.

• Cyber Strategy & Resilience Assessment

Assess your organisation’s current cyber strategy, posture, and resilience to current cyber threats.

• Policy & Documentation Assessment

Quickly understand your organisation’s security posture to take risk-based decisions on improvement planning and budget and resource allocation.

Conducted through workshops, this service asks insightful and valuable questions that will enable a clear view of your cybersecurity needs and identifies any gaps and areas for improvement. Benchmarked against industry standards this assessment provides an external review and assurance of your organisation’s cyber maturity.

• Asset & Vulnerability Assessment

If you do not understand your organisation’s assets then you are unable protect against the threats they may face. An asset and vulnerability assessment will review your assets and current vulnerabilities that present a risk to your organisation.

• Risk Monitoring & Reporting

Managing and tracking your cyber risks combined with regular risk reporting will ensure greater situational awareness and provide the necessary context to the threats your organisation could face.

• Security Awareness Training

Reduces your cyber risk by improving your employees’ cybersecurity knowledge, or their understanding of how to deal with digital data in general. We will train your employees on identifying threats and teach the ways to protect themselves from those threats.

• Penetration Testing

A penetration test is an attempt to evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure through the safe exploitation of vulnerabilities via certified professionals.

LRQA Nettitude specialises in the delivery of rigorous and strenuous security testing and provides you with a report on how attackers can exploit weaknesses in your infrastructure, networks, people, and processes.

• Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service deploys a leading cloud-based vulnerability scanning and management technology to be able to identify, investigate, prioritise, mitigate, and respond to vulnerabilities within your environment and attack surface.

Understanding your risks as the number of vulnerabilities increases is critical in the current threat landscape. Managed Vulnerability Scanning is a fundamental component of any security testing programme for identifying existing or new vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your systems.

LRQA Nettitude MVSS services have multiple customisable options tailored to fit your organisation that aid cyber maturity and risk-based methodologies to help you remediate and stay on top of critical issues and vulnerabilities that could leave you exposed.

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