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The tangible benefits of easily accessible Wi-Fi connectivity in a business environment are undeniable when it comes to boosting productivity and efficiency. Managed Wi-Fi is a solution offered by Managed Wi-Fi service providers, providing clients with complete visibility and control over their network, while ridding the need for regular updates and monitoring by your IT teams. At Nettitude, our Wi-Fi Management service provides our customers with a 24/7 support desk for incident resolution and technical support.

Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

Outsourcing the management of your Wi-Fi solution can relieve the pressure on your Security Engineers, meaning their time can be spent on more important projects. What’s more, you can feel confident the solution will be well maintained and will follow cybersecurity best practices. From the rapid deployment of additional connection points to protecting your valuable digital assets, our managed Wi-Fi services offer scalable support to meet your business needs.

The correct deployment of Wi-Fi reduces signal interference and increases coverage with site surveys to assess your environment. We help make deployment more cost-effective with a skilled workforce to install devices.

Does Your Organisation Need Managed Wi-Fi?

Reduce the burden on your IT teams with our proactive management, monitoring and maintenance. Access our helpdesk for expert support when you need it.

Identifying issues can be time-consuming. Why not make a change so that you can operate your network easily and effectively with the ability to pinpoint and resolve issues quickly?

Ensuring security policies are correctly managed, you can enforce your security policies by segmented users, applications and devices. In addition, view and control the entire Wi-Fi network with one management dashboard.

About The Service

Nettitude will monitor the primary management interface of the Wireless Lan Controller (WLC) or Management Centre for the Access Points.

We will perform Quarterly firmware version and OS upgrades of Wireless Access Points (WAP) & Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) remotely during Business Hours or Out of Hours. Nettitude will also Investigate & carry out minor automated and centralised configuration changes to Wireless Access Points (WAP).

The NOC Manage – Wi-Fi Management Service can be provided across a varying array of network vendors, technologies and environments and the below list is not exhaustive:

• Cisco
• Meraki
• Aruba
• Fortinet

Why Nettitude?

Nettitude’s team of expert Consultants and Network Engineers are continually involved in a number of high-profile projects involving network design and configuration, in which our teams have worked with a variety of clients, from SME’s, through to an extensive range of industry leaders.

In addition, the Nettitude team upholds the highest qualification standards, in which we strive to share our knowledge and continuously pursue professional accreditations.

Please contact our SNS team to request a free initial scoping call.


Frequently Asked Questions About Managed Wi-Fi Services


What are some of the deployment services Nettitude offers?

From site surveys to staging and solutions, our SNS team will conduct the necessary deployment services so that your business can benefit from fast connection speeds in no time. Our deployment services include, and are not limited to:

  • Site survey: To ensure a reliable and secure network is integrated into your existing infrastructure, our team will analyse your environment, coverage needs, devices, software applications and more.
  • Installation: After site surveys have been conducted to assess your environment, the best types and placements of wireless devices will then be recommended for optimal network performance. A Wi-Fi network that meets your business objectives and goals will then be designed and built in accordance with the best security practices.
  • Wi-Fi Management services: From performance management to security management, Nettitude will take care of most aspects so that you can focus on your business with peace of mind. With dedicated round-the-clock support, we will ensure that your network is constantly monitored and is performing as intended.
  • Staging & Solutioning: At Nettitude, we understand that each business has its own unique set of requirements. Our team is able to deploy the necessary network equipment such as directional antennas to suit your needs.


What function does the management dashboard serve?

As part of Nettitude’s Managed Security Services, you will be offered the visibility and protection needed to rest easy. The management dashboard will allow you to view and control your entire Wi-Fi network. Determining the health of your network will be simplified, and processes such as profile set up, unwanted device disconnection, and the detection of underperforming components can be expedited as a result.


Factors to consider when choosing managed Wi-Fi services

When investing in managed Wi-Fi services, you will want to ensure that the provider can guarantee high-performance internet connectivity without any compromise to your security infrastructure. From their experience in your field of expertise and reputation to 24/7 customer support and ability to handle scalability, your choice of the managed service provider should check all the boxes. Understanding that a one-size-fits-all solution is never an option, Nettitude works with carefully selected security & network vendor partners, so that we can grow alongside your business.

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