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IMDA Appoved Services

More and more companies that develop applications are under pressure to ensure that those systems are built in a way that protects user data as much as possible. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in Singapore has put a process in place to help companies develop more secure platforms by offering their customer a reduction in subscription costs by complying with their regulation. Being on this list is an advantage for your business, but there are criteria which must be met to get onto the list.

The Solution

For any technology solution providers who want to be listed as an IMDA pre-approved solution of ‘SMEs Go Digital’ Programme, their solution needs to be approved by IMDA and one of the assessment criteria is to conduct a vulnerability assessment by a qualified third party.  One of the criteria for that engagement is to engage a CREST certified company like LRQA Nettitude.

The Benefits Of Being Listed As An IMDA Pre-approved Solution Of “SMEs Go Digital” Programme 

  • A Singaporean SME that use your application will can apply to receive PSG (Productivity and Solution Grant) to subsidise up to 80% of the cost of using the platform
  • Your solution or platform will have had some technical assurance against it to minimise service impact or data theft, ensuring your solution is more resilient against a cyberattack.
  • A detailed vulnerability assessment report detailing the risks you need to manage and LRQA Nettitude’s recommendations on how to rectify against discovered technical vulnerabilities

About The Service

LRQA Nettitude works with proprietary organizations to help them to get their applications to be IMDA-approved. LRQA Nettitude takes time to understand the complexity of the applications via a scoping call, conducted with a qualified security consultant. Following the call, the LRQA Nettitude account manager issues a proposal to the client and provides a follow-up call to answer any questions they have.

Once the engagement is finished, LRQA Nettitude provides a full report and a one-off re-test to ensure that the final report that is submitted provides a clean bill of health.

Why LRQA Nettitude

LRQA Nettitude has delivered a number of IMDA pre-approval vulnerability assessments across various sectors and has had the output of their engagement approved by IMDA. A number of companies that LRQA Nettitude has carried out the assessment for have gone on to be added to the approved list of vendors, following a round of re-testing by LRQA Nettitude.

For more information on how LRQA Nettitude can assist with IMDA pre-approval on your solution, please contact one of our specialists today.



Is IMDA a mandatory requirement?
No it is not, however it provides you with a good starting point when it comes to the cyber security of your application.

If my application is IMDA approved does that guarantee I will sell lots of licenses to consumers?
You still need to promote your application to companies who are interested in buying it.

If my application is approved by the IMDA does that mean it can’t be hacked?
The IMDA process provides a basic form level of cyber hygiene for your application. You still need to ensure that you fix the vulnerabilities that are uncovered and regularly patch the system for new updates

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