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Award-winning consultancy Nettitude strengthens the national security of both government and defence organisations across the world with cybersecurity services of the highest standards

Be Protected Against Advancing Threats In Government Networks

With an ever-growing and developing threat landscape in Singapore, the criticality of securing networks and critical infrastructure within government and defence-based organisations are now more important and complex than ever before.

Worldwide Government Partnerships

Nettitude partners with government organisations around the world; its role is to fortify every aspect of cybersecurity for government-based customers, making sure cyber threats are minimised at every level.

HM Seal Of Approval

The consultancy is also recognised in Europe as an approved provider of services to the United Kingdom by Her Majesty’s Government.

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Nettitude’s security consultants are all security cleared by GCHQ.

Explore Cybersecurity Recommendations For Government Organisations

The scale and importance of data, both government and defence organisations hold and share, make them an attractive target for cyber attackers. Interested in implementing a comprehensive data governance framework? Here are some recommendations on how to prepare your organisation to be cyber aware and increase your overall cybersecurity:

Acknowledge The Threatthe probability of a breach is highly likely. However, if you are prepared, it will lessen the impact on the organisation. The security mantra for any organisation should be ‘when’ and not ‘if’ we will be breached.

About The Entire Organisation’s Security – do not limit security to just the IT department, instead share it across your people, processes, and technologies as these are all likely targets for hackers. Also, ensure that senior executives understand and are part of the process.

Create A Cybersecurity Strategy & Plan – share your documents and deploy the actions. Plus, do not forget the added merit of a disaster recovery plan to ensure you are well-prepared in every aspect.

Penetration Test Your Environment – penetration testing allows you to evaluate the security of your organisation by testing it using ethical hackers like Nettitude.

Remediate Findings – after a test, ensure you act quickly to remediate any findings that highlight threats or weaknesses to your organisation.

Continue The Process – securing and protecting an organisation is a continual process. Arrange regular security reviews and never be complacent.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cybersecurity for Government Organisations


What other cyber-related services does Nettitude provide for government and defence sector clients?

To keep your organisation safe and secure, you may also consider the following solutions:

What are some of the benefits of working with a cybersecurity firm like Nettitude?

To improve your organisation’s cyber defence posture, Nettitude provides the following advantages: 

Reduced Cyber Risk

Nettitude helps its clients to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, giving a first-line cyber defence and response to all types of incidents, and resilience to stand up to cyber-attacks. It also encourages intelligence sharing and sophisticated testing to an organisation’s risk of a breach or an attack at every level.

Nettitude’s Cyber Credentials

As a trusted member of CREST and one of the world’s first accredited CBEST testing and intelligence partners for the Bank of England, you can be sure that you are in the most capable hands.

Research & Development

Through its research and development (R&D) as well as active client work, Nettitude’s dedicated R&D team analyses and studies threat actor behaviour, gaining greater insight into the specific threat landscape within the various sectors. You can also access Nettitude’s latest zero-day discoveries through Nettitude Labs and subscribe to receive Nettitude’s most recent findings as they are publically released.

Who needs cybersecurity services?

Beyond government and defence organisations, cybersecurity is increasingly becoming an essential service for companies of various industries who wish to protect their information assets in today’s digital age. Cybersecurity services give the assurance of proactive protection that can stop attacks before they happen. Here at Nettitude, our well-versed experts can also help to identify weaknesses in your system, leverage the best tools and put together preventive measures to secure any sensitive data. 

Overall, rest assured Nettitude can provide scalable solutions that work with your budget and goals.

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