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Why Do We Have A Cybersecurity Research And Innovation Team?

As cybersecurity is becoming more widely understood, the number of security tools and technologies is increasing, and businesses are putting in place cybersecurity strategies to tackle current and emerging threats. Whilst highly effective to begin with, the effectiveness of these strategies usually declines over time.

At LRQA Nettitude, we take a different approach to cybersecurity by not only providing managed services to defend against and tackle cyber threats, but by actively seeking out the latest research and innovation within the cybersecurity industry. In addition to enabling our experts to stay on top of the latest threats and vulnerabilities our clients face, this also empowers our clients to be able to make well informed decisions on the type of cybersecurity solutions they invest in.


How Do We Operate?

With a team of in-house dedicated cybersecurity innovation & research specialists at the forefront of LRQA Nettitude’s thought leadership network, the team regularly research and produce cutting edge reports that empower our clients to stay up to date on the latest known threats within their industry, as well as any new and prevailing technologies that could help reduce the threat appetite of our clients.
Our research is part sponoserd by a number of grants from government and leading private organisations, allowing us to develop unparalleled security services that are underpinned by the work of our R&I team.

What Do We Research?

Key cybersecurity research areas include

  • Ransomware: Trends, Observations and Analysis
  • Effective Cybersecurity Strategy Report
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Report Series
  • Threat Briefing Series
  • Financial Cyber Report Series

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