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Managed NOC (Network Operations Centre) services encompass dedicated service desk staff and skilled consultants that take a holistic approach to your Network Service needs. Our team has extensive experience in designing, implementing, monitoring, managing and updating clients security technology within a client environment. 

This can encompass break-fix changes, security updates, critical patching, and assistance with project deployments, underpinned by vendor support. It also provides proactive monitoring, service health checks and management reports, customisable to meet client requirements.

We provide our managed network services 24/7, 356 days a year. Clients have the assurance that our service is underpinned by industry-standard SLA’s, service management and reporting.

Our team of expert consultants and network engineers are continually involved in a number of high-profile projects involving network design and configuration, in which our teams have worked with a variety of clients, from SMEs, through to UK and US industry leaders. In addition, the Nettitude team is held to the highest qualification standards. We strive to share our knowledge and continuously pursue professional accreditations.

  • 24/7 Firewall Management – Firewalls (Cisco, Meraki, Palo Alto, Check Point, Fortinet, F5)
  • IPS/IDS (SourceFire, FirePower, Palo Alto, Check Point)
  • Networking infrastructure (Switching, Routing)
  • Cloud-based Multi-factor authentication (SafeNet)
  • PCI Environment Managed Service (Patching, Vulnerability Management, IPS)
  • Staff with a high level of expertise, experience and knowledge
  • Tune devices according to the specific requirements of the network
  • Threats prevented through effective perimeter and internal security practices
  • Monthly or Quarterly Custom Management and Service Delivery Management Reporting
  • Service can be aligned with Nettitude’s SOC Monitor Service

All of these managed network services utilise Nettitude’s toolsets and management platforms, for any range of Network, Firewall and WiFi devices within your environment, located across data centres, customer or third party premise locations.

Full-service management will be provided, with regular service reviews and reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis – depending on your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions About Managed NOC Services


Does My Organisation Need A Managed NOC?

The skills and resources needed to maintain and secure a business LAN/wireless LAN can be a significant drain on a business; the constantly evolving threats and advances in technology lead to costly training of staff and a continuous cycle of patching and auditing to ensure security best practice is maintained.

What’s more, skilled resources are not cheap resources, especially on an annual salary. Employing contractors for a period of time, to deliver a specific project can add significant costs to a project.

If you would like to improve your organisation’s IT and data network security in the most cost-effective and convenient way, investing in a network management service like the one we offer at Nettitude can provide numerous round the clock benefits for a smooth, seamless and secure network experience.

What Are the Benefits of Employing a Managed Network Services Provider?

• Ownership of the ongoing management of Network & Security infrastructure

24/7 monitoring and support

• Hotfix and patch updates

• Threat management updates

• Vendor Vulnerability management

• Change control verification

• Health and availability monitoring (SNMP/NetFlow data analysis)

• Experienced staff with years in network design, configuration and support

• Best practice advice, installation and ongoing configuration assistance

• Expert response and remediation advice where required

Why Should I Choose Nettitude as my NOC Provider?

Nettitude’s team of service desk personnel and professional consultants are highly skilled and maintain certifications with all leading vendors. With break-fix support, we can aid a smaller, less skilled team on a customer site, Or we could even take on your LAN fully managed, reducing the need to employ skilled staff at high costs, meet your security obligations via a managed contract and reduce the burden on your Network team. The Nettitude network operations centre can do the work for you.

If you’re interested in our network management services and the benefits they can bring your organisation, please contact our SNS team to request a free initial scoping call.

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