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Know your assets understand your Risks

Access cyber intelligence that matters.

Nettitude provides a comprehensive Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS) service, using leading technology deployed by security professionals, to scan and report your assets for known vulnerabilities.
Using our team of security professionals, who understand the current threat landscape, offensive techniques of attackers and how to achieve a strong security posture, Nettitude’s vulnerability scanning service will give you confidence and power to stay on top of emerging vulnerabilities and changing vulnerability landscape.

What Is Vulnerability Scanning

Being able to identify your vulnerabilities before they are exploited is crucial in today’s connected world.

Every year, thousands of CVEs are discovered and organisations scramble to stay on top of them. Vulnerability Scanning is a fundamental component of any security testing programme for identifying existing or new vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your systems. The information collected is then presented in actionable reports and dashboards ready for system administrators to remediate.

Why Do You Need Vulnerability Scanning?

Overwhelmed with security gaps? Unsure which to tackle first? Lacking visibility?

We understand not all problems can be solved at once. Nettitude’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning Services help you decide which vulnerabilities should take priority and why. Find out how many assets you have exposed and which ones to address first before attackers get to them first.

Customizable scan options and scanning automations help you easily identify vulnerabilities within your environment so you proactively secure what matters.

Key Features

  • Multiple Deployment Models to suit any environment
  • Get set up in days to start securing your environment
  • Unlimited Scan Frequency
  • Customer Realtime Dashboards
  • Regular, actionable Monthly or Quarterly reports
  • Experts on hand and fully managed support
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