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Next-Gen endpoint Security & Response

A Managed EDR service can provide a level of visibility and security that can be difficult to maintain in-house, both in terms of availability and expertise. The LRQA Nettitude Managed EDR service can be utilised for organisations that have limited resources and expertise to assist with the provision, management and monitoring of EDR and EPP technologies to provide a world-class capability in detection and response.

LRQA Nettitude is an award-winning cybersecurity organisation with unparalleled capability in delivering managed security services. Through our managed global Security Operations Centres (SOCs) we can deliver round the clock services that secure our clients and detect and respond to sophisticated cyber-threats, providing assurance that your organisation is protected.

What Is Managed EDR/EPP?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools provide an integrated endpoint security solution that provides real-time continuous monitoring and detection, combined with response and analysis capabilities.

Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) is an evolution of the next-generation anti-virus capabilities, providing prevention, detection, and monitoring for both file-based and file-less malware using static Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), signatures, and behavioural analytics.

Advanced endpoint protection solutions provide integrated EDR and EPP capabilities in a single deployable agent. Endpoints are a critical area for both monitoring and protection as the majority of attacks will land there and are where an attacker will look to get the execution of their tooling, achieve privilege escalation, and lateral movement. The importance of endpoint security monitoring was recognised by Gartner and forms the cornerstone of their security monitoring triad.

Benefits Of Managed EDR

Most attacks will first manifest themselves on an endpoint. Organisations must deploy both protection and detection capabilities across the endpoint estate to prevent attackers from gaining a foothold in the network, limiting their options for lateral movement and further exploitation. LRQA Nettitude offers two next-generation detection, response, and prevention solutions, enabling our clients to choose a solution that matches their needs.

  • Better Protection – Complex threats require active and integrated tooling at the most likely point of malicious activity (the endpoint). It is no longer sufficient to just monitor activity, it must be blocked/prevented to prevent catastrophic attacks such as ransomware. EDR and EPP solutions use a combination of advanced analytics, and threat intelligence to block threats and provide a platform for responders to operate from.
  • Reduced Complexity – The SOC-as-a-Service offering provides a single dashboard interface for managing the deployed agents. No on-premise infrastructure is required.
  • Increased efficiency – The managed service increases security and provides a workaround to the problem of skills shortage by accelerating security operations, using automation, and reducing the time and effort to respond to incidents.

The LRQA Nettitude Managed EDR and EPP service significantly reduces the likelihood of an adversary completing their attack, leading to a data breach or other malicious action. It also reduces the time to detect and respond to an incident. These metrics (known as Mean Time to Detect or MTTD and Mean Time to Respond or MTTR) are key indicators of an effective detect and respond capability.

The specific objectives of the service will be customised to each client collated through the BI workshop and service reviews on an ongoing basis. This is because every client will face different threats and operate a unique set of critical assets. LRQA Nettitude understands this and therefore can customise the detection through a unique set of use cases.

More About LRQA Nettitude’s Managed EDR Services

LRQA Nettitude Managed EDR and EPP is a next-generation endpoint security solution providing advanced detection, protection, and response use cases across a wide variety of network environments. LRQA Nettitude delivers the service using the Crowdstrike and Carbon Black suite of tools, enabling our clients to choose the right solution for their environment. The service is delivered 24/7 365, providing constant protection, detection, and monitoring across all your endpoints.

About Crowdstrike

The Crowdstrike falcon platform is a Gartner leading technology, providing best of breed endpoint detection and response. It includes integrated threat intelligence and additional bolt-on modules including firewall management, USB device control, vulnerability management, and IT hygiene capabilities.

Crowdstrike uses a lightweight agent that has no impact on user performance and prevents both commodity and sophisticated attacks for file-based and file-less attacks.

The solution provides real-time endpoint visibility and insight into applications and processes across the environment. It protects all workloads, able to operate across Windows, MacOSX, Linux, mobile devices, as well as servers and containers in modern hybrid multi-cloud data centres.

About Carbon Black

VMware Carbon Black provides a next-generation AV and EDR solution that protects against the full spectrum of modern cyber-attacks. Using the universal agent and console, the solution applies behavioural analytics to endpoint events to streamline detection, prevention, and response to cyber-attacks.

Protection is provided through multiple layers which include file reputation, heuristics, machine learning, and behavioural models to analyse endpoint activity and block malicious behaviour to stop all types of attack before they reach critical systems. With flexible behavioural prevention policies, protection is easily tailored to your distinct needs.

Carbon Black records all process activity on an endpoint, making it ideal as a threat hunting and incident investigation platform.


Managed EDR Service Features

LRQA Nettitude’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service provide the most highly accredited expertise combined with Gartner Magic Quadrant leading security technology to deliver industry-leading protection for your organisation.

Our approach is proactive, and threat led; informed by our offensive and threat intelligence teams to shape our defensive stance and protect against the latest industry threats providing in-depth unrivalled detection and alerting capability where it is needed most.

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