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Security And Network Solutions

At the core of most 21st Century businesses, networks are essential for all critical functions, from emails, to your CRM; that’s why investing in the right security set up and management of your environment is crucial.

Why Use A Managed Network Security Solution?

Managed Network Security can provide an organisation with a level of constant visibility and alerting that can be difficult to maintain in-house, in regard to availability, expertise, and cost.

The same applies when it comes to procuring the latest market leading network security solutions. With over 3,500 to choose from, how do you know you are choosing the one that is best suited to your organisation? Many organisations do not possess the appropriate experience or expertise to make that decision, and also require assistance in configuration, deployment, management, or monitoring.

The Best Operators Working With The Best Tools. How Nettitude Work With Our Market Leading Security Partners.

Nettitude have numerous strategic partners, who are all leaders in their field. They have been identified by our in-house experts to enable the team in our Security Operations Centre (SOC) to address future and evolving threats as they emerge. We enjoy long standing relationships with many of these partners which allows us to find tailored solutions for any business in any sector at a competitive cost of ownership, thanks to market leading partnership discounts and excellent supply chain agreements and processes.

The Nettitude Managed Cloud Security Protection Service deploys CloudGuard, a next-generation cloud security platform from Check Point to provide 100% visibility, oversight, and control of your cloud environment, supported by expert personnel within the Nettitude SOC.

Endpoints play an essential role in enabling a modern remote workforce, but they are also essential to monitor and protect as many social engineering and phishing attacks land here. Attackers will look to execute their tooling, achieve privilege escalation, and lateral movement via unsecured endpoints.

Utilising Check Point Harmony’s protection against all attack vectors, the Nettitude SOC can secure your organisation’s ever growing remote working environment, ensuring only people with authorised access to your systems are the ones with the permissions to do so.

People as well as technology and networks are targeted by cyber-attackers every day. Security Awareness Training helps manage the threats posed by social engineering, spear phishing, and ransomware by training your staff to spot the warning signs.

Networks are becoming ever more complex and widely distributed, so full visibility is more critical than ever before. Being able to detect and stop threats before they become a breach is the objective of a Managed Network Detection and Response Service.

Attacking Active Directory (AD) with the intention of obtaining admin-level access is often a primary objective of a threat actor. 95 million AD accounts are targeted everyday. ADAssessor from Attivo provides innovative solutions to prevent that from happening.

The Claroty Platform, delivered by Nettitude, delivers highly secure remote access to OT environments, and is the industry’s broadest range of industrial cybersecurity controls in a single solution that deploys painlessly and integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

IDR differentiates itself from other identity protection systems in that it focuses on protecting credentials, privileges, cloud entitlements, and the systems that manage them. It represents an important step forward, marking the introduction of a new category of security tools.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS)

As a Platinum MSSP, Nettitude supports a multitude of Tenable products to deliver a Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service that quickly identifies, manages, and responds to vulnerability risks within your environment, before they can be taken advantage of.

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