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Firewalls are typically the first line of defense deployed by most organizations, especially those with infrastructure that needs to be accessible across the internet. As such, it is imperative that this first line of defense be hardened and constantly maintained to remain effective.

New vulnerabilities and weaknesses are discovered on a daily basis for all software; Firewalls are no exception. To ensure the security of your Firewall and your network in its entirety, Firewall Penetration Testing (in addition to other assurance activities) should be conducted at regular intervals.

CREST - STAR Threat Intelligence
PCi Security Standards Council - Approved Scanning Vendor
CREST Threat Intelligence
PCi Security Standards Council - Approved Scanning Vendor

Improve The Security Of Your Firewall

LRQA Nettitude aims to provide comprehensive Firewall Penetration Testing services to ensure the security implemented by your organization is robust. Our experienced team of Firewall experts will scrutinize your Firewall from all angles, from the outside as well as from the inside, to deliver the most complete results possible.

To ensure the completeness and quality of our testing, LRQA Nettitude analyzes every service allowed by the Firewall. The Firewall’s rule base is be reviewed line-by-line to identify the presence of any misconfigurations that will introduce security risks. The configuration of the Firewall itself is also assessed, e.g. user permissions, software version, authentication configuration, etc.

Included In The Testing

    Firewall Security Testing is conducted in a multi-stage fashion to ensure the delivery of the most comprehensive test possible. Our testing includes:

    1. Analyzing the rule base configuration, e.g. identifying open ports and supported protocols, and assessing the risk they may introduce;
    2. Analyzing Firewall configuration, e.g. users and authentication, software version, known vulnerabilities, etc.;
    3. Identifying whether any interfaces utilized for device management are accessible in an insecure manner;

    Data compiled throughout the engagement will be organized and presented as a deliverable in the form of two reports:

    • A technical report – This contains all of the low level detail required to reproduce and remediate identified vulnerabilities.
    • A management report – This contains a high level risk oriented analysis of the Firewalls security posture (both strengths and weaknesses).

    Benefits of Firewall Penetration Testing

    Conducting a Firewall Security Audit on a regular basis is essential in ensuring and maintaining the security of your organization. In particular, a number of benefits provided by LRQA Nettitude’s Firewall Penetration Testing includes the following:


    • Know before it’s too late
      Assess and identify issues early; a proactive versus reactive approach will prevent potential security incidents and eliminate the high costs associated with the recovery process.
    • Increase overall security posture
      Increase the overall security posture of your organization. Ensuring that a Firewall is properly secured means that the assets behind it are also adequately secured, especially from an external perspective.
    • Minimize expenditure
      The recovery process following an incident as well as the resulting costs are typically high. These costs may be avoided by conducting Firewall Security Testing at regular intervals to reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

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