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Managed Network Detection & Response

As Cyber Threats Increase, Managed Network Detection And
Response Solutions Are Becoming More Important Than Ever

Nettitude are delighted to have been named ‘UK Partner of the Year 2021’ by LogRhythm.

As networks become ever larger, more complex, and widely distributed, adopting a Managed Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution will significantly enhance your defensive stance. It will also ensure the ability to defend against both sophisticated network attacks and highly organised threat actors.

Nettitude’s Managed NDR Service provides highly accredited expertise which utilises LogRhythm’s acclaimed platform to deliver industry-leading protection. Leveraging LogRhythm’s technologies to their full potential gives Nettitude’s Security Operations Centres (SOCs) comprehensive logging, monitoring, and alerting capabilities, to detect ransomware, lateral movement, exfiltration, malware compromise, and other threats.

While other NDR solutions rely solely on machine learning
applied to single streams of data to detect network security
issues, LogRhythm uses hybrid analytics that combines
machine learning, rules-based detection, and threat intelligence
to analyse network, user, and host activity.

More About LogRhythm, Nettitude’s Managed Network Detection And Response Partner

Nettitude Are Delighted To Be Named ‘LogRhythm’s UK Partner Of The Year 2021’

LogRhythm NDR


LogRhythm NDR helps you address new security use cases for desktops, supply chains, data centers, public cloud, and IoT/OT. You can use the SaaS-based threat detection solution alone or with the Log Rhythm SIEM Platform to quickly spot threats and minimize your organization’s risk. Powered by patent-pending TensorMist-AI™ technology, LogRhythm NDR uses mesh computing to scale data collection and analytics and lower operating costs. 

• Organizations using LogRhythm see an average ROI of 258%
• LogRhythm has been named a ‘leader’ in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM for 9 consecutive years
• Map your security and IT operations to existing frameworks such as NIST and MITRE ATT&CK
• MistNet can be added to existing deployments of the LogRhythm SIEM, as well as with other third-party SIEMs
• Reduces false positives by over 90%

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Faster Investigations, More Effective Threat Hunts With the world’s best network evidence

Corelight Powered by Zeek

Corelight gives defenders unparalleled insight, delivering powerful network visibility solutions, helping to understand network traffic and defend organizations more effectively. Built on the Zeek framework, it generates actionable, real-time data for thousands of security teams worldwide. Zeek data has become the gold standard for incident response, threat hunting, and forensics in large enterprises and government agencies worldwide.

• Extracts more than 400 data elements from network traffic in real-time
• Its lightweight architecture means you can go back years to find undetected attacks
• Universally compatible with popular SIEMs including Azure, Splunk, and Crowdstrike
• 100+ Gbps per 1U sensor
• Optimized file extraction: 10,000+ files per minute

Network Detection & Response Resource Library

Download Nettitude and LogRhythm NDR Resources For More Information 




Nettitude’s Managed Network Detection & Response Service

Our Outstanding Customer Facing Services Ensures Your Organization Is Protected

The best tools require the best operators to correctly configure and maintain them to ensure they are always working to their maximum potential, and are effectively stop cyber threats.

Network detection and response is one of the most critical components of a cybersecurity strategy but there is far more to it than just focusing on this. People and processes are vital components too, and a managed service can deliver far better results than the unguided use of NDR tools. Thanks to our threat intelligence-led cybersecurity approach, Nettitude have the answers to correctly implement the required technologies and realise the returns on your investment.


Benefits Of A Managed Network Detection And Response Service From Nettitude

Switched on 24/7/365. A Managed Network Detection and Response Service from the Nettitude SOC can provide a level of constant visibility, security, and performance that can be difficult to maintain in-house, in regard to availability, expertise, and cost. It can be utilised by organizations that have limited resources and expertise to ensure world-class deployment, management and monitoring. 

Protection from Industry-Leading Solutions. LogRhythm has been named a ‘leader’ in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM for 9 consecutive years. By combining their technologies with our highly accredited people and processes we deliver best in class defensive capabilities and value for your organization.

A Range of Services and Solutions All in One Place. Your cybersecurity strategy should include a lot more than just deploying NDR. All the different components of your wider strategy will have their own function, such as protecting your firewalls, your cloud estate, mobile applications, or your end- points. You may choose to deploy software to detect suspicious activity on your network or to misdirect attackers. All these tasks can be executed successfully by Nettitude through our network of strategic technology partners and our globally deployable SOC. Nettitude enjoy a close technical and commercial relationship with LogRhythm, and have excellent supply chain agreements with them.

Security Simplicity from a World-Class Team. NDR is an important tool in combating sophisticated attackers, but the architecture and technology around the deployment of a managed NDR can be complex. The Nettitude Managed SOC Service is provided using a cloud-based SaaS solution through a single lightweight agent that can be rapidly deployed by teams who are highly experienced.

Incident Response. Today, organizations are judged on how they respond to a breach, and the Nettitude SOC provides a world-class Incident Response (IR) service. The consequences of a cyber attack can include financial and data loss, an inability to operate as usual, and reputational damage, but how significantly these impact an organization will often be closely linked to the level of response. It is vital that the time between the Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) is as short as possible. Sophisticated detection, response and forensic capabilities means our defensive teams can contain and limit harm quickly, while automated blocking and live features ensure a rapid response in real-time.