Nettitude’s cyber incident planning will ensure that you have the resilience to maintain operations during a security incident and ensure that you recover as swiftly as possible.

Many organisations are trapped in an endless cycle of cleaning and rebuilding compromised systems whilst trying to maintain business as usual. Nettitude security incident planning will help you break out of this vicious cycle and ensure that you are prepared to deal with the    ever- expanding range of cyber threats that your organisation faces.

Why Do I Need Cyber Incident Planning?

In a single year, 66% of large companies are subjected to a cyber breach or attack, yet 75% of companies do not have an Incident Response plan or policy in place. It is not a matter of ‘if’, but ’when’ your organisation will suffer a serious security incident. Without adequate planning, victims of cyber-attacks risk spiralling costs and severe business disruption. Legal and regulatory requirements are increasingly geared towards ensuring that organisations have robust documented processes for managing security incidents. Loss of intellectual property and service will not only impact sales and brand reputation but can also reduce organisations’ share price and competitive advantage.

What Does Incident Planning Provide?

There are many components to ensure that your organisation is adequately prepared to deal with security incidents effectively. Nettitude can address all of the necessary elements with our range of experienced consultants.

Nettitude’s managed services provide support for all phases of the Incident lifecycle, not just technical capability at the response phase. Nettitude has teams of award winning penetration testers, GRC consultants, SOC and NOC technicians; all of whom are able to support even the most challenging components of the Incident lifecycle. That means that whether it is optimising your logging, writing or reviewing your incident response policies or reverse engineering nation state malware, Nettitude have the full breadth of certified skills to address your needs.

  • Onsite incident response audit.
  • Technical and management report.
  • Policy, procedure and workflow development.
  • Information capture / management review.
  • Customised: operational procedures document.
  • Review of your logging capability to enhance your ability to effectively investigate a security incident.

What Is Nettitude’s Approach To Cyber Incident Planning?

From our historical engagements, Nettitude understand no two organisations or incidents are the same. However, they do share common exploits or attack vectors. Incident readiness planning is essential to identify areas that could be exploited by attackers. Nettitude work with our customers to assess and understand their environment, identify any areas that are deemed to be ‘high risk’ and provide recommendations in line with industry best practice. 

Most companies will already have a range of security technologies already in place but even with these preventative measures, breaches still can and will happen. In addition to having the right physical IT security, Nettitude strive to identify and create the right policies, create an efficient incident workflow, escalation chain and help organisations bring together all of the parties required to manage incidents effectively. 

When faced with an incident, an organisation may have to rely on their own experiences and skills to resolve the impact or breach. Nettitude believe that pre-emptive planning is a crucial component in minimising the cost and impact of a cybersecurity incident.