If you have suffered a security breach of your computer network and are looking for advice on Incident Response, Nettitude’s team of security consultants are at immediate hand.

Our Incident Response team will join you for a free, no obligation, 30 minute conference call to discuss your situation and offer expert advice. Time is critical in containing the breach – your organisation must therefore act swiftly to prevent further compromise. Whether your incident involves hacking, malware, Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) or an insider threat, Nettitude have the skills to ensure that the breach is effectively managed.

I am worried about being hacked in the future, can you help?

Your fears are understandable, all of the statistics indicate that the majority of organizations will suffer a cyber-attack over 12 months. You can make yourself more resilient to these attacks by taking the right preparation steps.

The following five steps should help you prepare for a cyber-attack:


Compile an inventory of your assets, then identify the critical assets and data that you hold.


Develop a plan that will outline the steps that your organisation will take during an incident.


Undertake some testing on your Incident Response plan.


Ensure that you have some staff trained to develop First Responder capability.


Either technically train staff to conduct Incident Response activities or ensure you have swift access to such capability.

What should we do if we are hacked in the future?

Call us immediately. Nettitude have published some advice on steps to take during a breach. Our experience is that a lack of logging is the biggest barrier to establishing the root cause of an incident.  However, there are also missteps that organisation’s take during an investigation that significantly hamper efforts to manage an incident:


You should therefore AVOID the following mistakes that businesses often make:

Immediately remediating the breach.

Not preserving artefacts left by an attacker makes establishing a timeline of events almost impossible.

Calling in expertise far too late.

Many organizations attempt to manage the breach internally. Without the necessary experience, the likelihood is that the organisation will fail, creating additional problems for a skilled team of investigators who subsequently get called in.

Prioritising root cause.

Whilst trying to establishing the root cause of a breach, the attacker can be moving into your environment. Prioritise containment.

Why Nettitude?

Nettitude is proud to have been approved as a member of FIRST – The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams.  FIRST member companies work closely with one another to share and coordinate information and provide a comprehensive, professional approach to cyber incident handling.

Nettitude’s Computer Incident Response Team (NCERT) also have over 15 years’ experience in investigating security incidents. Our team members are drawn from academia, law enforcement, the military and technology organizations. The team further draws on skills from our award winning pen testing team, software reverse engineers, Research & Innovation (R&I) team and our SOC/NOC engineers in order to provide a comprehensive range of skills to tackle even the most complex investigations.