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Nettitude has a wealth of experience in all areas of cybersecurity. With a large team of specialist security consultants, Nettitude are able to design and deliver custom cybersecurity training courses to meet any requirement. All courses can also be delivered remotely.

Common security training topics include:

  • Red team training
  • Blue team training
  • Secure development training
  • User awareness training
  • In-house security capability training
  • Threat Intelligence (TI)

There is no limit to the areas of cybersecurity training that Nettitude are able to deliver. Nettitude delivers practical and engaging security courses to a large array of audiences with varying degrees of experience and requirement.

How Is Custom Training Constructed?

Each organisation is different and requirements vary widely, so the first stage is to speak to a security expert at Nettitude. Through open conversation, Nettitude will identify all objectives – both explicit and implicit – and provide a proposal to meet those needs. Often, Nettitude deliver the course(s) directly, but ‘training the trainers’ is also possible for those organizations wishing to build an in house training capability.

How Is Custom Training Delivered?

Nettitude understands that effective knowledge transfer only happens when delegates are fully engaged and challenged. All training contains a significant degree of practical exercise in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Training is delivered in a modular fashion in order to ensure that each subject area is fully explored.

In order to adapt to a new way of working, Nettitude have developed an efficient system for delivering remote training courses. This training will be delivered by webinar and will include all standard training courses material which will be available to download.


Who Delivers Custom Training?

A vast array of security consultants make up Nettitude and only those with the skills and experience relevant to an organisation’s objectives are used. Need a course that focuses on secure development? Expect security professionals who have worked as professional developers to be delivering. Prefer something that targets offensive security skills? Nettitude’s red team testers are on hand to help.

Nettitude’s custom training is typically delivered by two consultants in order to ensure consistent levels of energy are met and to ensure that each delegate receives appropriate levels of attention.

How Long Does Custom Training Last For?

Custom training is just that – custom. There is no upper or lower limit to the amount of time that delivery must occur over. Nettitude will make recommendations on length based on the objectives of the organisation requesting the course. Typical courses last between two and three days.

Are There Any Areas Of Custom Training That You Do Not Deliver?

Nettitude will only deliver courses in subject areas that they consider themselves to have excellence in. Within the area of cybersecurity, this includes a very large array of subjects. If you are interested in understanding which areas Nettitude can help deliver top tier training for, please contact us today.

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