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Cybersecurity consultancy LRQA Nettitude partner with the world’s leading tech firms, providing consulting and specialist cyber services to the industry.

Key Cybersecurity Challenges In Tech

LRQA Nettitude is proud to be the chosen cybersecurity partner for many of the world’s best-known technology organisations. It is also heavily involved in creating useful threat intelligence information from within the tech sector and advises many of the industry’s senior officials.

Here are some of the critical security-driven challenges faced by tech companies today:

Data privacy– The world’s leading tech organisations such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are investing and buying technology to strengthen their cloud security platform to protect the sensitive data they hold.

Online privacy– While tech firms such as social media giant Facebook is focusing on preventing fraud and abuse on the platform.

Managing cyber risk – Apple has recently launched the first integrated solution to manage the cyber risk associated with ransomware and other malware. The North American tech giant has teamed up with fellow tech firm Cisco for the new venture, which includes security technologies, devices, evaluation, and insurance coverage.

Scaling the demand for cryptocurrency – In a recently published whitepaper, LRQA Nettitude’s senior research team revealed its findings of a long-term study into the scalability of the blockchain. With a staggering 95 percent of all blocks at capacity, the consultants conducted what they believe to be the first long-term assessment of the two most significant blockchain-based networks; Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Looking To Develop A New IoT Connected Device?

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Securing A World Built On IoT

What Is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) explains the connectivity between wireless and wired devices to the internet. Gartner estimates that in the region of 20 billion devices such as light switches, alarms, kitchen appliances, CCTV systems and even some cars will wirelessly connect by 2020. However, with the growing popularity of IoT devices, it has also created a new wave of deviant opportunity for malicious hackers.

Compromising SCADA Networks

It is not only the household devices which are falling prey to cybercriminals but also SCADA based control systems such as traffic lights and power grids. With the scale of these systems it would be possible for attackers to cause widespread chaos and injury. LRQA Nettitude research experts showed the worrying ease required to hack a traffic light system at a security conference. As the world continues to become more interconnected through IoT, risk counterbalances the advantages.

Developing IoT Products

There are many types of IoT devices available in the marketplace, offering the end-user periodic through to permanently connected communication. However, they are all susceptible to exploitation from attackers. It is vital that companies that produce IoT devices consider security from the outset rather than as an after-thought. The security of the product should be one of its key features alongside its functionality and benefit the user not hinder them. LRQA Nettitude continues to carry out research into IoT cybersecurity and will publish further findings and advisory information as they become available.

LRQA Nettitude Can Help Your Technology Organisation Become Cyber Secure

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Why Partner With Cybersecurity Firm LRQA Nettitude?

Mitigate Cyber Risk

LRQA Nettitude helps its clients to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, giving a first-line cyber defence and response to all types of incident, and resilience to stand up to cyber-attacks. It also encourages intelligence sharing amongst the finance industry, and sophisticated testing to mitigate an organisations risk of a breach or an attack at every level.

LRQA Nettitude’s Cyber Credentials

As a trusted member of CREST and one of the world’s first accredited CBEST testing and intelligence partners for the Bank of England, you can be sure that you are in the most capable hands.

Research & Development

Through its research and development (R&D) as well as active client work, LRQA Nettitude’s dedicated R&D team analyses and studies threat actor behaviour, gaining greater insight into the specific threat landscape within the financial sector. It regularly shares its latest findings in PERCEPTION, LRQA Nettitude’s quarterly report of cyber activity within the financial industry across the world. Its’ researchers also release financial whitepapers on the effects of cyber relating to the finance industry through topics such as Bitcoin and SWIFT. You can also access LRQA Nettitude’s latest Zero-day discoveries through LRQA Nettitude Labs and subscribe to receive LRQA Nettitude’s most recent findings as they are publically released.

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