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Our security solutions

Our network security solutions are designed to optimise your digital capabilities and create a secure, streamlined and effective environment for your business to operate efficiently. As the core of most 21st century businesses, networks are essential for all business-critical functions, from emails, to your CRM; that’s why investing in the right set up and management of your environment is crucial.

LRQA Nettitude have partnered with a number of leading security vendors to provide a high-quality portfolio of network security Solutions. These products have been vetted by our in-house security experts and have the LRQA Nettitude seal of approval.

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  • Our SNS team can bring you up to speed with the latest emerging technologies, ensuring your business is always ahead of the curve, and most importantly, the competition.
  • Base your solution selection on the advice of security experts who are keeping up to date with all the latest threats and cutting-edge technology.
  • Avoid the unnecessary costs involved with research into potential solutions and the additional time added to your project for product selection.
  • A well-designed network can converge voice and data onto a single network which can reduce cabling, network, maintenance and equipment costs, in turn, reducing the overall cost of implementation and upkeep of your network.
  • Secure your network and data to avoid the high costs associated with incident recovery due to a poor network security posture.

Do you need a network security solution for your organisation?

The Cybersecurity industry is moving at great speed and it’s hard for any organisation, including their Security or IT team, to keep up with all the latest products and services. In fact, today there are 3,500+ security vendors on the market.

Let us do the research and trust in our advice. Our security consultants and engineers are highly skilled, in which we are constantly reviewing the market place looking at the technology. One of our main aims is to invest the time in reviewing and optimising your network, so that your teams can focus on what really matters.

How it works

Step 1 – The process will begin with your dedicated account manager, who will arrange a convenient scoping call in order to understand more about your business. During this call, we will conduct an initial SWAT analysis and pin point what area of your network you need our help with. In addition, we will ask questions to help us understand the level of risk your organisation may be having trouble mitigating.

LRQA Nettitude have partnered with multiple vendors, in which we have close working relationships with each network security solution provider. Our teams are able to analyse and evaluate your network and are best placed to offer a solution that best meets the needs of your business. Our agnostic approach means that any product or solution recommendation we make will be based on your requirements and security best practice. We never operate on a one size fits all basis!

Step 2 – After the initial scoping call, your account manager will work with our dedicated managed services and SNS teams to create a timeline of actions. We will then provide a quote based on the number of days the work will be carried out across.

Why LRQA Nettitude

LRQA Nettitude’s team of expert Consultants and Network Engineers are continually involved in a number of high-profile projects involving network design and configuration, in which our teams have worked with a variety of clients, from SME’s, through to UK and US industry leaders.

In addition, the LRQA Nettitude team uphold to the highest qualification standards, in which we strive to share our knowledge and continuously pursue professional accreditations.

Please contact our SNS team to request a free initial scoping call.

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