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Looking for a partner to play a vital role in your incident management process to provide tailored incident analysis, containment and eradication actions with speed, scale and efficiency? LRQA Nettitude’s IR Retainer service provides immediate and prioritised access to LRQA Nettitude Cyber Emergency Response Team (NCERT). Suitable for any organization regardless of industry or sector, having LRQA Nettitude on your side will reduce the impact of a breach to ensure you can return to prioritising your business.

Seeking emergency IR expertise during an incident will shorten the response time and alleviate an incident from turning into a crisis.

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Why Do I Need an Incident Response Retainer Service?

Cyber-attacks are becoming more disruptive and costlier every year. In addition, legal and regulatory requirements are increasingly mandating that all data is secured, monitored and reported when compromised. Therefore, understanding the extent of a cyber-attack is vital. Establishing and maintaining an effective Incident Response capability in-house can be a costly exercise for most organizations. Having a LRQA Nettitude IR Retainer service gives you peace of mind that you have certified and experienced incident response experts available when you need us most.

But it’s not just expertise -LRQA Nettitude cybersecurity incident management begins with a thorough onboarding process to ensure that we understand your organization, your risks and most importantly your people, processes and technology so we can hit the ground running in the event of an incident.

How Does an Incident Response Retainer Help You?

On-Demand Incident Response Experts at Your Fingertips

Highly skilled and CREST certified cyber incident responders are at your service when you need it most.

• Partner with a trusted cybersecurity experts to develop, mature and test your incident response readiness;
• SLAs you can depend upon through your entire contract term;
• Cost effective structure to facilitate budgeting and prevent unexpected costs;
• Increase incident response preparedness with thorough onboarding and policy review;
• Test IR procedures before you need them in an annual table top exercise;
• Leverage leading edge endpoint and network sensors at scale for rapid analysis and incident evaluation;
• 24/7 access to highly experienced incident response experts to being triage;
• Remote and on-site incident response service provision in the UK and US;
• Formal incident and analysis reporting detailing tactical and strategic improvements for every incident;
• Reallocate unspent retainer time for other IR related services;

Why a Cyber Incident Response Retainer from LRQA Nettitude?

LRQA Nettitude can provide expert, rapid response to a major incident resulting from a cyber-attack. When the stakes are at their highest, LRQA Nettitude’s use of industry-leading tools, best practice recovery techniques, and multiple forms of intelligence allow us to provide a deep, thorough service to help your business minimise the damage and move from initial detection to recovery as quickly as possible. Our incident response service includes technical analysis, determination of containment, and investigation through to root cause. LRQA Nettitude also provide digital forensic investigations in the event of suspected criminality, as well as assistance in managing impact in business, operations and risk.

A member of the CREST Certified Security Incident Response (CSIR) scheme you can be rest assured you are partnering with a credible IR provider.

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