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You can only manage what you can see, and this is in no place more evident than in cybersecurity. Understanding what is going on around you plays an important part in risk management.

It’s not what you know – it’s what you don’t know that will hurt you. Offence shapes defence.

Many organisations focus on their own systems and struggle to monitor outside their ‘perimeter’. Now it is possible.

LRQA Nettitude’s Cyber Threat Intelligence services allow you to know:

• Who might attack.
• Why they might attack.
• How they may attack.
• What they are after.

Swamped in indicators saying you are under attack? We believe Threat Intelligence Data Feeds are best left to automation in your firewalls and IPS/IDS. Our Cyber Threat Intelligence services are delivered by real life humans.

Our CREST certified team of analysts produce actionable cybersecurity intelligence information specific to your organisation. We are not a Data Feed.

Who needs Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Many organisations do not know their true attack surface and how information being shared on the Internet and dark web forums can be used against them and their employees. Why is this?

  • The world is constantly evolving, and cyber threats are changing at an ever-increasing rate. Every organisation must understand where an attack is likely to come from and how they are going to detect and respond.
  • The traditional network boundary is being dissolved through cloud adoption and users are increasingly sharing more and more about their personal and working habits, broadening the attack surface.
  • To understand your threats, it is necessary to collect and analyse potentially huge volumes of data – some only accessible in the Dark Web – using skilled and experienced intelligence professionals who can apply unbiased analysis to produce real world scenarios.
  • The Cyber Threat Intelligence market has long been considered a ‘feed’ of data. This often produces large amounts of inaccurate and time consuming effort to correct unless assessed by an analyst in the context of your business. Thankfully the market is evolving to include operational and strategic intelligence products – not just technical ‘data’ from threat intelligence feeds.

Threat Intelligence Assessments

Digital Attack Surface Assessment

Key Persons Assessment

Threat Landscape Assessment

How Does Cyber Threat Intelligence Benefit You?

The perception of cyber threat intelligence is that it is a domain of elite analysts with military training. In reality, it adds value to any cybersecurity function no matter the size or industry. For example:

  • Fraud prevention, risk analysis, and other high-level security staff are tasked with understanding the current threat landscape for their organisation. Threat intelligence provides key insights on threat groups, their targets and motives, and their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).
  • Security operations teams are routinely overwhelmed by the volume of alerts they receive. Threat intel can be combined with the security solutions already in use, helping them quickly prioritize alerts and identify threats.
  • Security testing scenarios for ‘red team’ style assurance activities are best realised using real-world intelligence about your organisation. Combined with current trends in attacker TTPs and aligned to Mitre ATT&CK, Cyber Threat Intelligence brings a level of realism that can rarely be refuted.
  • Vulnerability management teams are tasked with accurately prioritising the most critical vulnerabilities. Combining vulnerability data from your organisation with threat intel provides valuable context that allows them to differentiate immediate threats from those that pose little to no risk.

Why Threat Intelligence from LRQA Nettitude?

Whether you are looking for scenarios for your Red Teaming assessments, actionable intelligence or to meet a specific requirement, LRQA Nettitude can deliver. LRQA Nettitude operates a leading Cyber Threat Intelligence team, staffed by ex-military intelligence officers and law enforcement to provide the following types of Cyber Threat Intelligence services:

  • Targeted Threat Assessments (Attack Surface, Key Persons, M&A Activity, Risk Assessments)
  • Managed Threat Intelligence (Brand & Supply Chain Monitoring, 3rd Party Risk, Take Down Services)
  • Simulated Attack and Red-Teaming (CBEST, STAR, TIBER)
  • Incident Response Threat Intelligence Support

Available as a one off or a continuous programme, our services can be tailored to your needs. Whether your requirement is at a technical indicator (tactical), general awareness (operational) or board-level decision making (strategic) level, LRQA Nettitude are confident we are able to deliver the right outcome for your organisation.

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