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Nettitude’s Managed End Point Detection, Response and Protection Service

It Is Vital For Organizations Deploy Protection And Detection Capabilities
Across Their Endpoint Estate To Prevent Attackers Gaining A Foothold


What Is Managed Endpoint Protection?

A Managed Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) or Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) can provide a level of visibility, security, and performance that can be difficult to maintain in house in regard of availability, expertise, and cost. Nettitude deploys an industry-leading platform – either Crowdstrike Falcon or Checkpoint Harmony, along with our own experience and expertise to assist with the provision, management, and monitoring of these EDR and EPP technologies, and in doing so provides a world-class capability in detection and response.

70% of successful cyber-attacks originate at the endpoint

Today, more than ever, businesses are seeing their endpoint landscape expand dramatically, with more to consider and secure than ever before.

This is a major issue because while endpoints play a critical role in enabling a modern remote workforce, they are critical areas for both monitoring and protection. This is because most social engineering and phishing attacks will land here as attackers look to execute their strategies to achieve privilege escalation, and lateral movement.

Nettitude have developed a strong partnership with two leading endpoint security platform providers, Crowdstrike and Check Point to provide our clients with a choice to best suits their needs. These solutions have been vetted by our in-house cybersecurity experts and have the Nettitude stamp of approval, while our consultants’ expertise and training ensure they are deployed, configured, and managed correctly to combat cyber threats.

Nettitude’s Endpoint Security Partners

Crowdstrike Falcon


The Crowdstrike Falcon platform is a Gartner leading technology. It provides endpoint detection and response, with integrated threat intelligence and additional bolt-on modules which include firewall management, USB device control, vulnerability management, and IT hygiene capabilities.

• 100% Cloud-delivered architecture
• 30mb lightweight single-agent sensor
• Uses less than 2% CPU
• No signatures – no reboot – no scanning – no hardware
• Deploys within seconds without any hardware prerequisite
• Follows a 1-10-60 minute rule – which means suspicious activity is detected within 1 minute, contained within 10, and remediated within 60

Check Point Harmony

Harmony Endpoint is a complete solution built to protect the remote workforce from today’s complex threat landscape. It prevents the most imminent threats to the endpoint such as ransomware, phishing, or malware, while quickly minimising breach impact with autonomous detection and response.

• 100% Cloud-delivered architecture
• Achieved 100% detection across all tested unique ATT&CK techniques
• Automates 90% of attack detection
• Consolidates 6 security products and 11 security services into 1 package
• Over 60 AI and traditional security engines
• Deploys within seconds without any hardware prerequisite

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