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Cloud Security Solutions from Check Point

Managed Cloud Protection From Nettitude Utilises Check Point CloudGuard For A Unified Cloud Security Solution

What is Managed Cloud Protection?

Nettitude’s Managed Cloud Protection Service provides 100% visibility into a cloud estate. It also protects your cloud environment and prevents misconfigurations – the primary cause of breaches and data loss.

Our cloud security solution utilises the industry-leading Checkpoint CloudGuard platform, and includes management from expert personnel who are essential for it to function as an effective line of defence.

  • The core product is called CloudGuard Posture Management. It assesses and visualises security posture, identifies misconfigurations, and automatically enforces policies to protect against internal and external threats.
  • CloudGuard also comes with Cloud Intelligence Essentials, a security monitoring system that utilises a combination of signature detection, built-in rules, and threat intelligence feeds to create a baseline of account activity.
  • Unauthorised or malicious activity across cloud environments, including serverless applications is detected by AI and anomaly detection algorithms, providing real-time detection and prevention.


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Nettitude’s Managed Cloud Protection Service Features

Cloud Security Resource Library

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Nettitude’s Managed Cloud Protect Service Works Hand in Glove With Check Point CloudGuard

Nettitude’s SOC-as-a-Service Provides Highly Accredited Expertise And Check Point’s Next-Generation Cloud Security Technology To Deliver Industry-Leading Protection


The best tools require the best operators to correctly configure and maintain them to ensure they are always working to their maximum potential, and are effectively stopping cyber threats.

Protecting your cloud environment is hard, but while this is an undeniably important task, a successful cybersecurity strategy means focussing on a lot more. Thanks to our threat intelligence-led approach, Nettitude have the answers to correctly implement the required technologies and realise the returns on your investment.

Benefits Of A Managed Cloud Protect Service From Nettitude


Switched on 24/7/365. A Managed Cloud Protection Service can provide a level of visibility, security, and performance that can be difficult to maintain in-house in regard to availability, expertise, and cost. It can be utilised by organisations who have limited resources and expertise to ensure world-class deployment, management, and monitoring of their cloud environment. Nettitude also enjoy market-leading partnership discounts with Check Point and have excellent supply-chain agreements with them.

Your Cloud Security Posture, Accurately Assessed. Like Penetration Testing, Cloud Penetration Testing is an authorised simulated cyber-attack against a system that is hosted on a cloud provider, such as Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure. From this type of exercise, our consultants are able to ascertain the strengths, and more importantly the potential vulnerabilities of your cloud environment and advise on the best remediation strategies.

A Range of Services and Solutions All in One Place. Your cybersecurity strategy should include a lot more than just protecting your cloud environment. All the different components of your wider strategy will have their own function, such as protecting your firewalls, Active Directory, mobile applications, or your endpoints. You may also choose to deploy software to detect suspicious activity on your network or to misdirect attackers. All these tasks can be executed successfully by Nettitude through our network of strategic technology partners. We also ensure these technologies work together, and provide comprehensive security coverage through our globally deployable SOC.

Access to an Expert Team. Nettitude are a 3-star Check Point Partner and have 20 years’ experience deploying Check Point software. Our team also consists of AWS Security and Microsoft certified experts who frequently publish white papers and research on cloud security strategy and techniques. Our SOC services are certified to ISO27001, ISO9001 and CREST SOC standards.

Incident Response. Today, organisations are judged on how they respond to a breach, and the Nettitude SOC provides a world-class Incident Response (IR) service. The consequences of a cyber attack can include financial and data loss, an inability to operate as usual, and reputational damage, but how significantly these impact an organisation will often be closely linked to the level of response. It is vital that the time between the Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) is as short as possible. Sophisticated detection, response and forensic capabilities means our defensive teams can contain and limit harm quickly, while automated blocking and live features ensure a rapid response in real-time.

Cyber Proof your Cloud With a Security Check Up

68% of Companies Cite Misconfiguration As Their Biggest Cloud Security Challenge*

Cloud-based services are a key objective in a supply-chain attack, and access obtained via authentication systems on the compromised networks allow attackers to penetrate services without raising suspicions.

One of the most effective ways to troubleshoot cybersecurity weaknesses is with a no-cost Cloud Security Check-Up using Check Points Instant Cloud Security Posture Assessment tool. You can request an assessment with our NDR or CSPM solution.

NDR Assessment includes:

  • Detect cyber threats on corporate networks using machine learning and data analytics.
  • Identify anomalous or suspicious traffic patterns
  • Threat Topology maps network interactions and prioritises different event types based on risk levels.

CSPM Assessment includes:

  • A full security report auditing over 100 compliance checks and configurations within your public cloud instance
  • Comprehensive network assessment to find misconfigurations, along with best practices for remediation
  • Complete inventory of assets report
  • Prioritisation of failed tests by severity

Click here to view an example report to get an idea of the scope of information you will receive. Sign up and get started now!

*SOURCE: Check Point 2020 Cloud Security Report



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