Nettitude has a large team of certified and registered CREST testers and Incident Response (IR) consultants covering all levels and specialisations of cyber offensive and defense activities. This includes in-depth network based packet analysis, malware and reverse engineering along with host based intrusion investigations. Nettitude are therefore able to offer a comprehensive IncidentResponse managed service tailored to fit your specific needs.

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What are the benefits of an incident response managed service?

Developing an effective Incident Response team internally can be incredibly expensive. Once established, they will lack the experience to manage incidents effectively. Apart from being cost effective, securing an Incident Response managed service has the following additional benefits:

  • Dramatically reduce the time; and therefore the costs of resolving incidents
  • Maintain productivity whilst specialist staff resolve incidents
  • Expeditious containment of incident will prevent spread, and thus cost, of the incident
  • Early resolution of incidents prevents further losses of data from a compromised system
  • Your organization is more likely to qualify for broad cyber insurance coverage at a reasonable premium

Why do I need an Incident Response managed service?

Legal and regulatory requirements are increasingly geared towards ensuring that sensitive data is secured, monitored and reported if compromised. Establishing and maintaining an effective Incident Response capability can be a costly exercise for most organisations. Having a managed service gives you peace of mind that you have certified and experienced incident response experts available to immediately conduct an effective investigation.

What does an incident response managed service provide?

Our approach for responding to and managing incident response services with Nettitude has been developed from the backdrop of a number of fundamental concepts and industry standards. This includes SANS, critical infrastructure guidelines and the CREST incident response maturity model:


  • Identify assets

  • Secure and protect
  • Monitor
  • Alert


  • Identify assets
  • Secure and protect
  • Monitor
  • Alert


  • Identify assets
  • Secure and protect
  • Monitor
  • Alert

Nettitude’s managed services provides support for all phases of the Incident lifecycle, not just technical capability at the response phase. Nettitude has teams of award winning penetration testers, GRC consultants, SOC and NOC technicians; all of whom are able to support even the most challenging components of the Incident lifecycle. That means that whether it is optimising your logging, writing or reviewing your incident response policies or reverse engineering nation state malware, Nettitude have the full breadth of certified skills to address your needs.

What differentiates your managed service from other providers’?

Nettitude understands that Information Security is a process not an event. Our team ensure that any days that you purchased are used effectively, even if your organisation doesn’t experience a security incident. Any pre-purchased days can be used for a range of activities including:

  • Malware analysis and reverse engineering
  • Host intrusion analysis / digital forensics
  • Network packet capture and analysis

  • Data recovery
  • Incident Testing
  • First Responder Training
  • Cyber insurance claims coordination
  • Threat Hunting